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Law Enforcement

Data requests are solicitations for client account information for the purposes of legal proceedings such as criminal investigations. Our Data Request Policy is the protocol we have set in place that dictates how to send us data as well as the possible actions we will take in response.

Information That Data Request Must Contain

  1. Client name - first and last
  2. Client domain name
  3. The email address associated with client account
  4. The IP address associated with the domain name

We reserve the right to call for a copy of information proving the data request is connected to the subpoena and litigation. We are under no obligation to dispense data unless this information is included in the data request.

Contact Us Here to Submit Data Request


Hostwinds LLC

ATTN: Legal Department

12101 Tukwila International Blvd

3rd Floor, Suite 320

Seattle, WA 98168


(888) 404-1279


Please resend your data request via mail if we have not replied to your emailed data response.

Example Data Request

Examples of data requests are as follows:

  1. Court Ordered Search Warrant
  2. Subpoenas
  3. Preservation Requests The data that preservation requests must contain is as follows:
    1. Either proof of pending law proceedings listed on a signed letterhead from law enforcement agency or proper credentials identifying the agency investigating the legal matter.
    2. An authentic phone number and email address to respond to.
    3. Proper credentials identifying client account
    4. Proof that agency is lawfully moving forward in attaining legal consent to receive the information from Hostwinds
  4. Court Ordered legal procedures
  5. Emergency Requests: Such requests are called for when severe injury or death are impending. Hostwinds will only dispense information if we think it is vital we respond immediately to avoid such injury or death.
  6. Court Ordered procedures requiring MLAT with the U.S.

Dispensed Data

  1. Content: We will only dispense client content in the event we receive an authentic search warrant from an individual possessing proper jurisdiction.
  2. Non-Content: Below is a list of some of the non-content data we can dispense:
    1. Client name
    2. Email address associated with client account
    3. Client account billing details
    4. IP logs
    5. The time and date when the client account was first generated

Client Notification

We will always notify our clients if their information has been requested with the exception of a court order or statute forbidding us from doing so.

Potential Data Request Payments

We are entitled to charge a fee for time-consuming or difficult data requests and to charge a reimbursement fee for a request. Please see our Privacy Policy for details regarding our policies about how we manage client data.

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